The Turkish food is one of the best in the world :)

  1. -         Turkish breakfast- is like your own private buffet. On the table, you get lots of small plates with different foods like olives, honey, jams, bread, vegetables cooked in different ways, eggs, börek, cheeses, and of course Turkish tea.  
    Turkish breakfast
  2. -       Iskender kebab – is probably the most ordered dish in any kebab restaurant. It is long strings of lamb cooked in a rich tomato sauce and served over pita bread with yogurt and topped with golden melted butter.
    Iskender kebab
  3. -          Manti – the Turkish version of ravioli. The small kinds of ravioli are stuffed with lamb or beef and served with yogurt or butter with spices and herbs.
  4. -          Döner kebab – döner means “something that is turning”. This is slow cooked lamb, chicken or beef stuck on a huge skewer that is slowly cooking and later cut into thin slices and served with rice and vegetables.
    Döner kebab
  5. -          Menemen – is sautéed vegetables with scrambled eggs served with bread. A perfect lunch of the beach.
  6. -          Köfte – is meatballs made of minced lamb or beef served as they are, or in a sauce with rice.
  7. -          Lahmacun – is a thin bread topped with minced meat, salad, and lemon juice. You can eat it like a pizza or roll it to a roll. A cheap and delicious dish.
  8. -          Pide – is the Turkish version of pizza. It is a flatbread shaped like a boat topped with different toppings, often with spinach or minced meat and cheese.
  9. -          Lokum – or Turkish delights, is a popular treat in Turkey. It has a nougat type of texture and comes in hundreds of different flavors from fruit to nuts. It is best to buy them from a store that sells them fresh, the pre-packed ones are not as good. 
  10. -          Sis kebab– means skewer and is often meat, chicken or fish. To the protein, you get bread, salsa, yogurt, and vegetables.
    Sis kebab
  11. -          Pilav – means rise. It might not sound like much but the Turkish rice is amazing. It is toasted and buttery and simply delicious in itself.
  12. -          Börek – looks a little like a lasagna. This is a savory pastry normally filled with cheese and spinach.
  13. -          Gözleme is like a pancake. It is a savory flatbread made of hand-rolled dough that is brushed lightly with oil. The restaurants offer different ingredients for you to add to your Gözleme like cheese, potatoes, spinach, etc.
  14. -          Künefe – is a baked cheese dessert with cheese, shredded pastry and topped with finely chopped pistachio nuts.
  15. -          Dürüm – us the perfect take way food. It is like a burrito with slow cooked lamb, chicken or beef in a wrap with salad and sometimes also with a tomato sauce.
  16. -          Dolma – dolma means stuffed. When you see dolma it is most commonly referred to the traditional wine leaf stuffed with rice. But can also be stuffed peppers or other vegetables.
    Dolma Sarma
  17. -          Baklava – is probably the most popular dessert in Turkey. It is layers of filo pastry filled with nuts and spices soaked in a hot syrup or honey served with ice cream.  
  18. -          Turkish coffee – is boiled coffee that is thick and strong and therefore perfect with some locum or baklava. Just remember to let it sit for a while before you drink it. After you have finished your cup you are supposed to put it upside down on the saucer. When you turn it around again, you are supposed to see your future in the cup’s coffee-grounds.
  19.  Balik ekmek – is basically a fish sandwich, but it is truly delicious in its simplicity. It is freshly grilled white fish in a half loaf of white bread with salad and raw onion.


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