I want to buy a property in Turkey

I and my family have been coming to Alanya and to Turkey for more than 10 years now and I am seriously thinking we should buy an apartment here.
Sometimes we have stayed in hotels and sometimes we have rented an apartment. It is of course advantages and disadvantages with both.

When you stay in a hotel you don’t need to do your own cleaning and you can even get both food and drinks in the hotel depending on what kind of hotel you are choosing. Some hotels even have hamam, SPA and all sorts of things you can do. You rarely need to leave the hotel area because everything you want when you are on a vacation is already there.
But on the other hand you don’t have the same freedom, you can’t bring food and drinks for outside into the room. And I get tired of the hotel food after a while, then I want to cook my own food or eat out in a restaurant. The rooms are also pretty “impersonal”, which you really feel when you are staying for a long time, like we do.
If you are unlucky in a hotel you can get very disturbed from other guests and from the music by the pool. And when it is time for breakfast, lunch or dinner it can be very crowded.
When we have rented an apartment it is much quieter since it is regular people living in the building with regular lives. They are not out till morning hours and make a lot of noise when they come back. You can also bring whatever food you want to the apartment and cook your own food. Just having a refrigerator with some snacks, sodas and beer is fantastic.
Of course, when you are renting an apartment you have to clean after yourself, which for me is not really a problem.
For me, personally, I like it better when we rent an apartment. The only downside to this is that you feel like a guest. I am terrified of breaking something, and sometimes the apartment is not so fully equipped like I want it to be. Sometimes TV, coffee maker and things like this are missing, which I understand since people kind of steal everything that they can move……
So that is why I seriously been thinking of buying an apartment for us instead. That way I have the things I need, I don’t need to worry about “hotel problems”, and I can bring whatever I want to the apartment. I have also seen a lot of real estate companies offering to check up on your apartment when you are not in Turkey for a fee. That for me feels really good so I don’t need to think about people breaking in without me knowing it, or maybe the weather is breaking something.

Anyone out there in cyberspace who wants to share their story about how they decided to buy an apartment in Turkey and how you did it? I have kind of already made up my mind, it is just nice to hear about other people’s experiences and thoughts. 


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