Living in Turkey

It is now about 4 years ago since I left Sweden to start a new life with my, at the time, boyfriend, today we are married. And since today is exactly 4 years ago I came here with a one-way ticket, I thought I was gonna share some of the reflections I’ve had since I got here.
I first want to start off by saying, it is NOT dangerous to come to Turkey! I have no idea why media has been painting Turkey like a land where bombs go off everywhere all the time. This is NOT true! I’d even like to say it is maybe even safer to go to Turkey than to any other European country because Turkey is working hard to eliminate terrorism. And just look what happened in Stockholm, Paris and Barcelona, Europe is not very safe neither.
Turkish is REALLY difficult to learn! After so many years and several Turkish courses I still have problem with it. It is definitely the most difficult language I have after tried to learn. But slowly I am learning. The biggest challenge for me is to remember words because they are so completely different from other languages I have learned. Like for example the color red, in Swedish röd, English red, Spanish rojo and frensh rouge, but in Turkish its kırmızı……. it is not even a little bit similar, so it takes me forever to learn words.
The Turkish food is amazing, but I guess you already know that so won’t mention it too much. Just promise me to try the different soups and the Turkish breakfast next time you come here.
The traffic here is insane :D I still refuse to drive here. I don’t understand the unwritten rules that everyone else seems to know. So my tip when you come here, always be careful when you are crossing a street and look both right and left before crossing. You can’t trust the traffic even if it is a one-way street or when you have a “green man”.
The interest in Turkey is truly high. So if you want to save your money with a good interest rate, you should move them here. I have had some money in Denizbank for about 4 years and always had an interest rate between 8-12, beat that Sweden if you can!

It is truly a blessing to be able to live on a walking distance to the beach. Now I can take an hour or two after work and just go down to the beach for a swim, a cold beer or just to relax on a sunbed. Before I spent a lot of money and vacation time to do just this.
You realize how exhausting it can be to almost never be able to speak your own language. Most of the time you are using your second or third language, and you are speaking to someone who also is not speaking in their own language. So misunderstandings happen, but on the other hand, you get really good at body language :D

When you are living abroad you also get very use to living outside the box and to push your comfort zone. So you really are growing as a person as well as learning to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you do.
Turkish people are also really friendly and generous. If you come to a friend’s shop you will always get tea or coffee, and if you come at lunchtime you get lunch also.

So, to summarize. Moving to Turkey is the best decision I have ever made, it hasn’t always been easy and I have struggled sometimes. But in the end, it has all been worth it! I simply love this beautiful country <3


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